In the mind of Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational speaker and self development author. He is a profound author and public speaker, he has written and produced more than 300 audio and visual learning programs for personal development. He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subject of personal and professional development. So why am I talking about Brian Tracy today, well today I’ll be reviewing a book written by him called ‘Eat that frog’, so buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Mr Brian Tracy, picture from Wikipedia

In my pursuit for consistency and just trying to live a more focused and disciplined life, I came across this book ‘Eat that frog’ and I found it to be a nice catch, Eat that frog explores the possibility for us to make goals and actually fulfill them. You see in our bid to succeed and strive in life we humans set out goals for ourselves, we make resolutions to be better and do better without making plans to deal with inconsistency, indiscipline, procrastination, you name it, and most times we loose the battle and fall back in mediocrity not fully maximizing what we are capable of. This book talks about ways we could implore to win these battles and shape our lives the best way we can, It teaches us how to make good, smart goals and actually achieve them.

Frogs in this book are goals, tasks and basically anything we need to do that require our time, resources and efforts in order to achieve them, eating our frogs simply mean actually achieving the goals and objectives we set for ourselves. We can eat these frogs only if we follow certain principles and are ready to pay the price to eat them, you see eating frogs could take a lot from us, we must have certain levels of discipline, time consciousness, etc. We must also possess certain skill set which Brian Tracy brilliantly outlined and wrote on, from the first step of setting our goals in our minds to the last stage of achieving them, he gives us a guide we could follow to maximize our full potentials and get our desired results.

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I had a very educative and fun time reading this book. So what do I love most about this book?, well I love the manner in which the author portrays tasks and goals, he made them seem so easy to accomplish, he writes about different principles we could apply in performing our tasks or eating our frogs like he loves to call them, he points out different ways to make smart goals and achieve them having won the war of indiscipline, inconsistency etc, with his principles anyone can be a goal getter and an achiever.

So why should you read this book

  • Because it is very relatable to almost anyone.
  • Because it has the solution to most of the problems we face when we are trying to perform tasks.
  • Because it would help you develop time management skills.
  • Because if the principles stated in this book are followed effectively your goals can be easily achievable.
  • Because if you want to be a goal getter this is a book for you.

Some excerpts from the book

And so i give this book a rating of 8/10, hope you enjoyed your read, please check out other of my post, like, share and most importantly review in the comment box below, if you’ve read the book before you could type your review in the comment box below, if you have any reviews about this post you could also type it in the comment box below and if you haven’t read the book please go read it I’m sure you would love it, it’s Eat that frog by Brian Tracy, have a nice day and don’t forget to lead with light, be blessed.

Make out your list for the next day the night before or at the end of the workday.

Brain Tracy

One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not to be done at all

Brian Tracy

Successful people are those who are willing to delay gratification and make sacrifices in short term so that they can enjoy far greater rewards in the long term.

Brian Tracy

The starting point of high performance is for you to first of all identify the key result areas of your work

Brian Tracy


A young lad once followed his father for fishing and boy!!! was he glad, I mean he got to see exactly how his precious dad had worked to provide for their family, there was no greater joy than this, following his father to become the man he was, his father had no equal in this young boy’s heart, he trusted him in every single way possible and he knew with him as his teacher he was bound to succeed. They left early that morning as they wanted to get to the river before the competing fishermen arrived, when they got there the river was as calm as ever, everything was so perfect for them to start the day’s work. By the time they started, the young lad was so ready, with a fishing net in his hand he flung it into the water just beneath their boat, he couldn’t imagine getting any major catch because he was just a beginner although he hoped he would get something good,he couldn’t help but feel nonchalant to throw his net further as he hoped he could still catch something worth remembering, when they had finally finished he had caught a little fish while his father had caught something worth the while. The young boy began to feel very sad, he had hoped he would catch something good but his result showed a different reality, his father quickly noticed the change in countenance of his son and immediately understood the reason why “son don’t be upset” his father began, “you see in life although we attempt challenges, opportunities and so on we achieve only as good as what we place our focus on and fight for, we get exactly what we work for, life does not work magic on us, if we must succeed then we must pay the price for the success we want, if you want to be successful then you must fish in the rivers of success “, now the boy understood what his father had meant and learnt a very valuable lesson that day.

You see there are times where we approach life with all enthusiasm we hope and really prepare for what life is about to throw on us but you see we quickly lose focus and get the results we don’t really need, now it’s not like we don’t work hard or we don’t fight for what we really but what is our focus?, Are we really using our energy on the right things?. So today I’ll be talking about focus.

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I believe focus is a net, a very strong net one might say, when it catches something it doesn’t easily let it go, it is always fishing, it is always looking for new things, it is always hungry to assimilate, to assimilate information, ideas, beliefs etc. You see in life one way or the other we are all fishermen, man has always been fishing, fishing for love, for God, for fame, for money, you name it, in fact we are fishing for everything we deem worthy of being gained but like I said earlier we don’t end up achieving what we really want because we stop fishing in the right place, focus is a net, all it does is to catch, it doesn’t care the content as far as it has caught something that is why it is very important than we always guide our focus. The year has just begun and by now I believe we must have already gotten our ‘to do list’ for the year ready, I’m sure we’ve promised ourselves resolutions to follow and rules that should guide our activities throughout the year but we can never achieve anything we’ve planned if we do not search for it in the right place, in order for us to catch what we really want we must cast our nets and fish in the right place, this is why we must shift focus to where it is needed and direct our gaze carefully, we must make sure we are casting our nets(focus) on the right areas of life and we are on the right path to our goals. It is our job to make sure we use this very strong net(focus) to catch what we really need in order to grow our lives for the better. Sometimes we actually do begin with all the focus in the world, we start with the right strategy, we read the right books and follow the right principles, our nets are cast in the right river, basically we start up pretty well but we still end up lost and discouraged at the end of the day. Now you see the problem isn’t really about how we started but how we continued after the start, anyone can start a race but it takes the stronger person to get to the very end, most problems arise at the peak of our plans and journey to our goals so for us to be able to get to our destination we must pay attention to what happens on the journey, not even on the destination itself. I found out through experiences in my life that there are some factors which I’m tempted to paint as constants that limit our focus and cause us to derail from our paths, these factors are somewhat inevitable in our lives, they could be easily overlooked but they inhibit us a lot, the first one I’m going to be writing on is

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Now I believe indiscipline is a major factor when it comes to achieving our goals and really casting our nets and focus, because you whether you like it or not, we humans are built with a system that craves enjoyment, we seek comfort and a workless life so it is bound for us to experience indiscipline one way or another but its how we move on after our bouts of indiscipline that matters and so the first step to overcoming indiscipline is accepting that we are bound to make mistakes, we are bound to fail in fact if you’ve read some of my previous posts you would find out that failure is almost a prerequisite for success, and so accepting that mistakes happen is the first step to overcome indiscipline and then you evaluate what exactly caused you to be undisciplined at that point in time, was it a particular association?, that you need to keep away from, or as a result of tiredness in which you must review your activities and find a steady balance, whatever the case may be you must make sure to distance yourself from that thing causing you limitation as much as possible

Making attainable goals

I simply cannot over emphasize on the need for us to make attainable goals based on our strengths, how can you make a goal to read 3 whole books everyweek when in fact your normal routine is 10 chapters a week, I feel goals are something we do not need to rush to achieve, at every step of the process there would always be something to learn so why plan to achieve more than our strength can carry, we should be able to make goals that are attainable and would cause us to grow at a steady rate, when we make seemingly impossible goals or goals we know we won’t be able to achieve easily then we might face the risk of failing because when our goals are not easily attainable for us it becomes a burden and when we cannot go the extra mile to achieve them, the pressure becomes too sudden for the body to take in and then we begin to loose focus because we see our plans as too much to achieve, unattainable goals also set the tone for self doubt because they are way ahead of our strength and we end up being frustrated at our results.

Cast all your focus

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When I say cast all your focus, I mean we must put all our effort into whatever we want to achieve, in order to attain our goals we must be ready to pay the price to achieve them, it is as simple as that. Casting our focus also requires we trim our association, if we are to cast all our focus then we must stay away from anything and anyone who would limit our focus, it can’t be overemphasized that like minds work together, we must walk with people who think like us and are like minded and with people who would help us grow. Casting all focus also require we make our goals a priority, we must make sure we know what we want and go for them, if our goals are not a priority then we can easily loose focus and derail from our chosen paths. Basically casting all focus is putting all efforts into achieving our goals.

Live with reminders

OK so the whole principle of living with reminders is living with the consciousness of your goals and resolutions, reminders are those things that put you back on track when you seem to loose focus, it could be a chart, it could even be an alarm clock, it could be anything, even an accountability partner, as far as it could get you on track even when you are loosing focus.

Having an accountability partner

Like I stated earlier having accountability partners who are well knowledgeable and experienced could help us stay on track and always be focused on our goals. You see sometimes when we get off track we do not easily realize it ourselves and so we need others to always keep a check on us, and they could also help us become more disciplined about achieving our goals, they could also motivate us in times when we really need help and advice, so having an effective accountability partners is very important if we must grow past our limitations and actually achieve our goals.

Accept growth and correction

This is another very important aspect of focus, because you see sometimes when we start to go of track or loose focus there are others who are there to correct us and put us back in the right part but our egos and know it all attitude would never let us learn. We as humans are known for building defenses whenever we are corrected but if are to grow we must keep an open mind for correction that could help us grow.

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Each and every one of us have goals we strive to achieve every day but only a selectable few get to achieve these goals, it all depends on what we do after we make these plans, and how we execute them, of course we would face challenges if you haven’t noticed yet this is life and so we are bound to face challenges but the major deciding factor is how we pull through to fulfill what we truly desire,  hope you enjoyed your read today.

Shine bright

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Everyone is beautiful, one way or the other, there is something unique and different in each and every one of us, no one is made complete, yes, but no man was made empty either, we all have one thing or the other that we are good at, that one place where we shine and blossom. This unique traits and talents that we carry radiate outwards and cloud our appearance and expressions with beauty. These beauties could be physical like cute eyes, lips, nose, gait etc or it could be internal like character, intelligence etc. These factors determine how beautiful we are, either on the inside or outside of our lives. Most people are able to see this beauties because of their radiation, they are able to detect the rate at which someone is truly beautiful whether on the inside or outside through these proves of beauty they see and feel. You see just like outer beauty inner beauty also radiates and is visible for the eyes that are ready to see them,beauty radiates in so many ways but today I’ll be writing on how inner beauty radiates.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audry Hepburn, model and actress

A reader once asked me where inner beauty comes from and how we could identify it when we see it, like a candle no matter how small cannot be hidden in darkness so inner beauty radiate outwards and can’t be hidden. Inner beauty could be seen from different aspects of our lives, how we interact with the world around us, I’ll be writing on three areas in our life that portray and reveal our inner beauty.

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Inner beauty could radiates from our actions, and how we deal with our everyday life, our actions speak louder than our words and every time we do something it either portrays beauty or it doesn’t. Actions are the way our body speaks or responds to issues and decisions, if we are to portray inner beauty then we must guide our actions and always put them in check, in every situation we find ourselves we should always guide our actions and make sure we portray inner beauty.

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Our words

It is said ‘actions speak louder than words’ but that does not mean our words do not speak, oh they speak alright, our words portray the state of our heart because just like the Bible says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’ the mouth speaks or reveals the true state of our hearts and minds, whatever we are found talking about defines the exact state of our minds if inner beauty is to radiate from us then we must watch the way we speak and the words we choose to make use of, we are responsible for every word we utter let’s make sure the words we speak leave good prints in our lives and that of others.

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Values are those ideologies, beliefs and principles that we hold in high esteem, our values guides our everyday actions and how we respond to certain matters, with the right values we could make right decisions and live more productive and better lives, if we are to build inner beauty then we must live with the right values, we must intentionally choose to make certain principles we should live by, if we choose the right standards to live by, it would guide our every decision and action and we would end up making the right one.

There are sometimes in life where we are pushed to our very limits, yeah and there are sometimes we make mistakes we cannot take back or change but you see if we dwell on our mistakes we could never change and portray the true beauty we desire, this is something I’ve learnt in the past few days, as long as we are alive we could always change to be the best versions of ourselves so no matter the lives we’ve lived before we could always change it takes only a decision to change. So make that decision today, make that choice to consciously change and become exactly who you need to be to fulfill purpose, have a great day.

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The Agbani Daerego in me

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I believe we’ve heard a lot about inner beauty, how not to focus on outer beauty alone as inner beauty has its own glory, and if you read my post last week, it would add to the very known philosophy to always appreciate every ‘ugly duckling’ among you especially when you discover most times they have a lot of value to offer on the inside of them just waiting to blossom. We talked a bit about loving the people we really are and why inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty, mostly we talked about why we should love and appreciate ourselves and our inner beauty. But you see we are as proud and confident of our selves as the knowledge we have. Knowledge is power, and with the right amount of knowledge we could open doors for ourselves we never knew were possible, that is why knowing our ourselves, our true nature, our flaws and strengths etc, gives us an edge, a sense of belonging and confidence in ourselves and actions, and so for us to truly accept ourselves for who we are and build ourselves we need to know who we are, identify our inner beauty and grow to where we need to be. This is why today I’ll be talking on identifying yourself and finding the inner beauty in yourself.

There are two ways to possess inner beauty and acquire it within yourself, the first is by discovering it in your self and the second is by building it basically adopting different inner beauty you desire in your life, with these two methods anyone could possess and grow their inner beauty and make full use of it while being satisfied and confident in their selves at the same time, with thus been said I’ll start with the first one, discovering inner beauty.

Finding the Agbani Daerego in you

I believe we all remember the glory days of Agbani Daerego, yeah the beauty queen who brought glory to Nigeria by becoming the first Nigerian to be crowned as Miss world. I’m not about to dabble into the affairs of pageantry or beauty contests but I believe we all have a beauty queen within us, they might not be the same in fact I don’t think two people could have the same beauty within, we are all peculiar, discovering our very own identity gives us a push and guarantees us a more productive life ahead, so without further blah blah blah let’s get right into it, How can we discover our inner beauty???. First of all, in order for us to discover our true selves we must learn to always be content and satisfied with ourselves, Being content with our selves does not in any way mean that we should not be open to correction, improvement or growth but we should learn to release every fantasy we have of what we are expected to be, we should always try to be the best we could possibly be of ourselves and never ever try to be like someone else, trying to be someone else only gives us unnecessary pressure we do not really need, trying to be like others also inhibit us from maximizing our full capacity and potential we just end up being shadows of other people without true satisfaction in ourselves.

The next point is to practice authenticity what does it mean to be authentic?, It simply means the quality of being genuine every once in a while we tend to act the way we are supposed to or according to satanderd but this is very wrong we should learn to act genuinely from the heart our values should always come first, we should look within ourselves and ask ourselves what we truly stand for and then we can discover our hidden beauty and act on it o manifest to its greatest capacity. Our inner beauty is powerful but only if we are ready to leave the world’s standards and be ourselves with genuine heart loving and improving our selves every single day.

There is a saying a battle is first won from the mind I believe this to be very true you see your mind is the power house of you whatever your mind agrees you fight to get, our minds are as powerful as our weapons of war and living without our mind we become powerless and a figment of any where reality keeps us. And so my next point is positive thinking and examining all your good qualities. Look for what makes you unique sometimes we think so low of ourselves that we actually forget who we are and what we are made of, we follow other people standards so much that we neglect ourselves, we were created for so much more and we would achieve whatever we set our hearts to do but it all depends on how much we really trust the process and are ready to go through it, you see sometimes we do know our qualities and we have goals and dreams we wish to achieve but we eventually end up on the side of self doubt and worry because we haven’t fully trusted the process, we tend to start comparing ourselves with people who are maybe better in a particular field than us, like my friend always used to say “no one has the same journey, maybe ‘John’ needs to get to point A at this time because his journey is longer you don’t have to be at the same point with him because you are not going to the same place”, as dreams and destinies differ so does our journey, we should learn to be happy with where we are and strive to be better every single day because in time your happiness and peace of mind is what you should always strive for. So think positive never let negativity get the better of you, you know yourself and your flaws, strive to do and be better and make this journey of yours really count.

Building the beauty within

Building inner beauty requires getting qualities within you that you desire. There are so many qualities and attributes we desire in people or we wish we had, not because we need them to be able to get to their standard but because we need them in order to be fully productive in our own journey and process of life, there are many ways to acquire new skills and learn new qualities but today I’m only going to be talking on only two points.


No man is an island everyone needs to learn from someone higher and more advanced. Walking with a mentor is like passing a road twice, your mentor has been there before and so he knows just exactly where you need help, he has passed through every situation you are likely to face before you, so he could help you make lesser mistakes and grow more further, a mentor also gives you sense of direction of where you should go and what you should do, in every area of our lives we should have mentors who act like guides and give us a certain pattern we could follow to achieve our set goals.

The next is emulating good habits,reading, researching and developing yourself. Like I’ve earlier emphasized we should try our bests to always be better than we are yesterday, read books emulate good characters, learn from mistakes, this is one of the only ways we could learn and grow every single day, personal development should be one of our top priorities every single day. Books and people sometimes portray characters, lessons and actions worthy of emulating, we should never feel to be in competition and in stead strive to be better while possessing a teachable spirit.

Live, learn, grow these are what really matters, you have so much within you but you can only discover them when you try new things and explore your capabilities to the fullest, never be scared to try and fail instead be scared of not trying at all, learn lessons to grow not to compete with anyone remember everyone has a different race to run just make sure you run your very well and come out a success have a great weekend.

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.

The eyes are a window to the soul, everyone believes this, don’t you?,

Hello everyone and welcome to life’s kaleidoscope, a lifestyle blog where I write about life,its challenges and blessings you are most welcome once again,please make sure you are relaxed and fully ready for this most educative and fun ride, have a great read ahead. OK so where was I, yeah the eyes, they, just like a camera capture every single moment whether good, bad, evil, beautiful, you name it, they show us worlds, introduce us to different times,seasons, colors some even say they speak a language only true hearts could understand, our eyes fascinate us in every single way possible most importantly they help us appreciate the mysteries of this world, they could never lie and even when they do not speak a word they portray emotions locked deep in our souls, but yet I love them for a totally different reason, you see they are not only our pathway to interact with the world or a window to our soul, they are our very own justice system, they decide how good or bad something really is, they help us decide and rate every action according to our standard. Sometimes they judge rightly other times its a case of ‘the more you look the less you see’ but either way our eyes are always there to be the first judges. You see sometimes this judicial system deceives us and we actually keep on looking without actually seeing, other times what we think we really see is just an illusion of reality and we end up being deceived. But the eyes are not the only judicial system we have, there is another locked deep within us, this is more silent, it doesn’t speak either even though it understands every thing, it is patient and slow to decide, observant and brave at the same time, I’m talking about our heart the one you cannot possibly live without, our heart is another of our judicial system that judges and controls our perception of things but it sees in a different kind of way, the eyes is not a deep thinker like the heart and rushes to conclusion faster ,the heart is a calm judge that takes its time to evaluate carefully before concluding, but I’m not going to be writing about the eyes or the heart today I’m going to be writing about how they see and what they really see. I’m going to be writing about the two classification of beauties they see.

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‘The heart sees what is invinsible to the eyes’ this is a well known quote by H. Jackson. Brown,the eyes appreciate what it sees on the outside sometimes this image could be an illusion, a lie but it sees what it sees ,it cannot see beyond the physical and most times it gets it wrong and decides wrongly, on the other hand the heart checks on the inside it looks at the characteristics and behaviors before it judges. I believe both the eyes and the heart see the beauties of this world but the eyes only look at the physical while the heart looks more deeply in a person to judge his/her inner beauty.

‘Don’t focus on the outside beauty alone inner beauty is more important’, I believe we’ve all heard this advice before, as we continue to grow and learn once in a while we come across this statement, from children stories to folklores to contemporary society we’ve heard this statements more times than we could count, What is inner beauty?, I’ll say its a kind of attractiveness, good looking nature that is seen through a person’s character, actions, decisions etc, it is a kind of beauty which radiates from the inside of a person. Outer beauty is an attractiveness and good looking nature noticed or seen on the outside of a person, maybe from bodily features, gesture,etc both of them have their advantages but today I’ll be writing mostly about inner beauty. Inner beauty is a kind of beauty you experience from someone from their actions or your interactions with them, it is inbuilt, it never leaves or fades away, this kind of beauty finds expression in our way of life,it might not be seen at first sight but you finally notice it you could appreciate it for the rest of your life. This type of beauty is over looked most times because people do not see it at first because it needs interaction manifest, once I read an article which talked about how some people felt inner beauty was something only ugly people say to comfort themselves, with this kind of mentality,inner beauty is bound to be neglected. Inner beauty can be seen from a person’s character, values, decisions and generally his/ her way of life. These days there is always an ugly duckling with a beautiful heart in every story but you see they are not wrong, as much as I believe physical beauty is important (I mean you are addressed the way you are dressed) inner beauty is also as important. Let’s have this thought together, think of a jar of the finest chocolate chips cookies you could ever think of, now as much as this jar looks promising it would never be useful or bring joy to you as far as it is empty so you could never be fully satisfied or happy with it no matter how delicious it looks on the outside it’s still empty . Now don’t get me wrong outer beauty is just as important I mean your inner beauty should always radiate outwards, a candle can never be hidden in the night no matter how small, so your inner beauty should also reflect outwards, because no one could ever see your inner beauty except it radiates outwards but sometimes we tend to focus on building our outer beauty more than our inner one. This generation been one that love to get results faster than actually going through the process we prefer to build our outer beauty first because we feel it is the fastest way to cover all our faults and flaws but this isn’t always the best way, building our outer beauty is the easiest and fastest way to look beauty but our inner beauty is the longest way to actually stay beautiful while building a solid and good foundation in the process.

Inner beauty helps us build bonds with people and strengthen our relationships. Once in a while we come across people as we go about our daily lives now when we meet these people we could either add or subtract from their lives, our ability to add to their lives is solely based on our content (what we have on the inside) that could add value to their lives, nobody wants someone who would always subtract and never add to their lives everyone strive to have meaningful relationships, inner beauty build and strengthen our relationships. It also give us confidence that we could get whatever we strive to achieve because we have all we need within us, it gives us strength to carry on even when life becomes tough because we kind of have the tools or at least some of them (maybe the right attitude) we need to push further and keep on fighting, it also act as a moral compass to guide us and help us realize what is really important and valuable in our lives.

photo credit: pexel

Both outer and inner beauty are very important but we should never forget that as we build and enhance our outer beauty we should also build and grow ourselves in character, values, actions, mindsets etc because this is the only way we could be truly beautiful both on the outside and on the inside and finally our true beauty would radiate for the world to see remember the eyes only see outer beauty which could easily fade away but the heart sees inner beauty which could last a life time and with that I’ll leave you with this saying, ‘outer beauty attracts, inner beauty captivates‘ .

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An interview with John Deeds of PenPal writing services on the art of making mistakes

Hello everyone, you are most welcome to another episode on the series, ‘the art of making a mistake’,today as usual being the last Friday of the month,my post would be an interview with someone who could give us more light on the topic mistakes,so stick around cause it’s going to be a roller coaster of fun and learning,I also want to say a big thank you to all those who read my post last week,thank you for all the likes and reviews they were very much appreciated,so don’t forget to like and most importantly review once more have a great read,you are very welcome once again.

I’m glad to bring to you once more another awesome expert for our interview series. Today I’ll be interviewing a very special guest,he is a capacity builder and personal development enthusiast,a writer,a speaker and also the founder of PenPal, a writing service,he is also interested in research and development and interestingly a lover of chess. I believe today is going to be a great day and we would have lots of fun talking to him and we would learn so much from him.I must say you are most welcome Mr John Deeds.

Mr John Deeds

Mr John Deeds:thank you.
I’m so glad to have you here on such a short notice, frankly I didn’t think you would accept but I’m glad I got to interview you today,so feel free relax and we would get right to it.

Ok so,sir we’ve been on the topic mistakes,we’ve talked about it in relation to many ways,frankly I think we’ve had a fair try in discussing this topic ‘mistakes’,but I want us to get a fresh view on it,sir could you tell us your own view or definition of a mistake?.
Answer:Basically. I feel we cannot talk about mistakes without first understanding the concept of choice. As humans we are designed to live our lives based on our choices,and mistakes are the products of our wrong choices. It is the outcome of poor decisions and judgments.

Oh ya very true our whole  life is based on our decisions and choices, and mistakes are the end result of these bad choices we make,very correct sir.
Choices are the basic determining factor for our success or failure,so sir what do you feel determine or make us choose the choices we make?
Answer:A lot of factors are responsible, different people make different choices as a result of different ideologies,beliefs and values not forgetting of course peer group pressures. In summary  the factors that are responsible as to why people makes choices are
*values; that is the set of virtues or behaviors that one holds dear.
* beliefs ; a person’s  belief system affect significantly how he or she make choices..that is if you are Christian for example your choices will be those that reflect the core values of Christianity and so on
Other factors include;  family expectations, pressure from friends or even the economic situation of your society..these are some of the reasons we make choices.

Right on point sir,it is said a person’s belief system molds that person into who he becomes. These values and beliefs not well guided have caused so much mistakes, some we could move from,others we could never correct.
It has been a proven fact,mistakes hinder our progress,cause us to second guess our every action and brought us many other consequences but some people seem to believe there is more to mistakes than just the negative part,they believe a mistake has positive consequences as well as negative ones,could you please tell us your take on this?,does making a mistake really have a positive side or are they wrong for being in this school of thought
Answer:Personally I feel that making a mistake is part of life. As long as we are humans we cannot be in a perfect state where there are no occurrences of errors. At best, what we can learn is how we can reduce the propensities for making mistakes. There are so much we can learn from our mistakes. Every mistake made is a lesson learnt.
Mistakes introduce us to new experiences, and if properly put in perspective make us better humans, expand the dimensions of our mind from what it was to a better state. Confucius believes in the saying that goes, “If you have made a mistake, do not be afraid of admitting the fact and amending your ways” mistakes provide us with the  ability to know what can be and what cannot. While there may be consequences that you made a mistake, if we can pull through the effects it makes us better people. Conclusively, I can say there are positive lessons we can learn from mistakes as long as we do not repeat the very same mistake over again

Wow wow that was really an eye opener,who knew a mistake could me so much more,well said sir.
Basically a mistake is an error that should be learnt from in order to move on and grow but a mistake is still an error,it still pulls us back,it still cause us to waste our time and resources,so in some sense we can’t anticipate it even if we need it to grow,so please tell us if there could be a balance between trying to avoid making a mistake and actually keeping an open mind about it?
Answer:Alright, like I earlier stated, mistakes cannot be avoided totally. If that can be it will interpret that we have full knowledge of whatever choice it is we are making and humanly speaking that is an illusion., we can however, minimize the chances of making mistakes..whether in business, career, choice of a partner is important we underscore this..while mistakes are unavoidable, making the same mistake more than once or twice is  either a flavor of lunacy or stupidity. If an event we term a mistake happens more than once or twice..our choice making mechanism should be in question, it interprets that something is definitely wrong internally.
So let’s look at how we can avoid repeating same mistakes and reducing our propensity of making fresh mistakes.
The first step in attempt to avoid excessive mistakes is what i tag “admission of errors”  well, that is not easy i must say but it is the first approach if we must avoid making excessive mistakes. There are many reasons why people will not admit their errors. The reason may include public ridicule, distrust, damage to self image and so on  but what this can do is that it will keep the individual from learning from their mistakes.
Another way we can avoid this is by critical thinking and that is basically making choices rationally.
We can also avoid this by learning from the experiences of others and of course taking in to consideration our previous errors.
We can also practice what i tag the “audit before you commit” principle. We could also call it ‘looking before you leap’ before every decision is made there should be a proper questioning of the authenticity of whatever it is we are investing our time, resources  and energy into.
Another way is becoming people of true character and integrity. Let your choices reflect the goodness of your inner values.
To steal from Aristotle, merely knowing the cause of the error and how to avoid it in the future is not enough. A person must have the will and ability to act on that knowledge and this requires the development of character.

Nicely said sir these points could really help us live our best lives and avoid making mistakes as best as we can meanwhile learning what we can from the ones we do make.

Once in a while each and everyone of us develop certain fears or reservations before embarking on a new area in life,I mean we are humans and we tend to hesitate,these fears result from mistakes we’ve made before and they tend to rule our lives and cloud our decision making process,could you walk us through the step by step process you undertook to overcome your fears and actually go for what you want?
Answer:I strongly believe we are designed to be more! And if we live with the fear of making mistakes we will never become all we were meant  to be.
While this is not necessarily a rule..we should first understand fear is not real in every sense of the is not real. We must deliberately invest consciousness in this reality.
After this is settled, God is everything. Never make a decision without acknowledging God. He is the essence of life and he knows what is best for us
Critical thinking is a must..we should be people that can think and reason the ability in us.
Listen to wise counsel..from experts and from the more experienced.
Then take the chance
This is how it works  for me
It may not be accurate all the time..but its better than relaxing on your comfort zone.

Oh yeah I think this is a plan we could all agree on we should never let our past mistakes and fears stop us from  doing what we need to do and being who we want to be,we need to stop letting our fears stop us,yeah the fears would still linger around but like I always say”other things could stop you from achieving your goals but don’t ever let fear be the cause of your failure”
Answer: yeah

I think we’ve talked much on the power of mistakes,how it could affect us and the best way we could avoid making them,is there any other point you would like to add before we round up today’s interview
Answer:I just one to say don’t be afraid of making mistakes instead make lessons out of it.. more!

Thank you so much for making yourself available for this interview I must say it has been a pleasure having you here,it has been a most amazing and educative talk
Answer:You are welcome,for all those who wants to get in touch with our speaker,you could contact him on his email

You’ve heard it guys,mistakes are normal they come and go as they please but your actions after your mistake determines if you would go forward or stay behind,so strive to be the best you can,if you fail don’t worry stand up and keep on moving, rate your decisions make sure you are well grounded in whatever you are doing and most importantly keep on moving. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve heard today and will make a promise to put what you’ve heard to practice. So ask yourself am I fighting for what I really want or am I letting something as imaginary as fear stop me?

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The right wrong

“Take chances,make mistakes. That’s how you grow” Mary Tyler Moore, I’m sure we’ve heard tons of quotes like this encouraging us to keep on pushing and trying harder,making us believe there are no limits to the possibilities we could achieve if only we are not afraid to try and yeah they are right, I’m sure there are so much we could achieve if we set our minds to achieve our goals but what if all the hard work we put in goes in vain and we never really succeed,what if we make terrible mistakes we could never bounce back from,you see in as much as we are always advised to accept mistakes and learn from them I believe some mistakes shouldn’t be made in the first place,some mistakes don’t teach any lesson and that is what I’m going to be discussing today.

But before I go any further,hello!!!, you are most welcome to Life’s kaleidoscope where I pretty much talk about life,living and various concepts and topics that go with it,once again you are welcome (oh I’ll be serving you cookies and milk if I could see you but for now you are very welcome,take a seat,have a glass of imaginary warm milk and cookies) I wish you a most interesting read today,I also want to thank those who visited last time I must say you guys gave me some of the warmest reviews,thank you so much for them. So sit tight I promise you an amazing ride,once again you are welcome to Life’s kaleidoscope have a great day ahead.

Ok so where did I stop???,oh yes I was talking about some mistakes which are not meant to be made,yeah so like I said,some mistakes I feel are not meant to be made,what I’m really talking about is the path in which you make the mistake,I’ll use an example, imagine I’m let’s say a Baker yeah a Baker and I’m on the road to becoming one of the best bakers in the country or even the world,now some of the common mistakes or set backs I could face on my journey to being the best are basically going to be related to baking,maybe I could make mistakes with recipes,maybe bake things that come out to be major fails but you can’t imagine me making mistakes related to writing or plumbing,the only mistakes I could learn from are the ones that are related to my career and choice of life and if as a Baker I made mistakes related to writing I don’t think I could learn anything from them because they do not help me in anyway necessary, I could talk about learning from mistakes from day to night but it wouldn’t make any difference if those mistakes are not related to what I need. So today I want to talk about following your paths and mistakes you could learn from.

You see life is a very important journey we only get to travel once,it is full of so many attractions we could get lost in its beauty,there are so many side shows and attractions that make finding our paths become a difficult task,with the much attractions we easily get pulled away trying the find the right thing that gives us the ultimate satisfaction and happiness we forget not all attractions lead to satisfaction and we get lost and confused trying to figure out the way forward,we make mistakes we aren’t supposed to make and get caught up struggling for what was never ours,this is why it is important we find our paths and begin unraveling just what we were meant to be doing and who we are meant to become. Finding your path is like a GPS that leads you to your own happiness. There are many reasons why we should follow our own paths but today I’m going to give only three,I do hope it gives you a rethink and helps you find the right path you need to be in.

Follow your paths because helloooo!!! That’s what you need to be truly happy and satisfied, I believe we could only be happy doing the things we truly love and find happiness doing,there’s no other way to say it, true joy comes from doing what you love and no matter how difficult it looks you would always push further because it is what gives you joy,doing what you love kind of gives you an edge and you end up performing at your very best because it is harder to give up. There is also a sense of accomplishment that comes with doing what you truly love you feel happy and fulfilled and no matter how much problems you face you keep on pushing because it is what makes you happy.

Follow your own paths because you seldom have fear doing what you love,yeah following your own path could be scary at first everything could feel wrong and uncertain but following your own path gives us confidence and strength to go further, you become bolder and fear failure lesser every circumstance and problem becomes a challenge and exciting new discovery,I could tell you that the problems you look forward to solving are the ones you face when trying to achieve your dreams and goals.

Following your paths also give you the opportunity to be innovative and be you,you really don’t have to be worried about what others would say or if you are following the standard,you could be who ever you want and be very creative. When you don’t do what you love you feel like you are simply checking of items on your list yes you could still be creative in doing that but it wouldn’t be the same as doing something from your heart,it comes with its own beauty and originality.

Mistakes made on your path are different from the ones you make outside,I believe there are two types of mistakes the right and the wrong one,now I know mistakes should be avoided as much as possible because they are time consuming and resource wasting but they are inevitable when we try new things,as much as we try to avoid them they are one constant thing that pop up from time to time ,some mistakes we make once others we could repeat some other times,the fact is we always face them at some point in our lives what truly matters is how we face them and if we would come out triumphant. The wrong mistake is the one we make which could never help us,we make these mistakes when we are on the wrong path and they don’t really give us any knowledge or wisdom,they only hinder us and keep us from moving forward,making the right mistakes gives us a sense to know where we are lacking and how to move forward. So go out learn new things follow your path,try new things and don’t be afraid of making mistakes because they are inevitable, try to be better each time and if you encounter a mistake on the way deal with it and move on remember life is a journey every step worth fighting for so fight for the best is yet to come. Thank you for reading and have a very blessed day.

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A young girl and her dad drove to the supermarket one day,she had been learning how to drive for some time so her dad decided to rest from the wheels and allow her drive him today, so their journey began but on their way they were met by a very violent storm,the rain fell so hard the roads were suddenly slippery,the tyres began to misplace their steps and as a new driver she was of course very nervous, she had never driven so far before and that too in this condition of the road so she turned to her dad and asked him “dad should I pull over”, but he shook his head and told her to keep driving,the rain continued to fall hard and once again she began to feel scared,she was a learner, driving in this condition so she turned to her father and asked him again”dad are you sure I shouldn’t pull over but he insisted keep on driving and so she obeyed and kept on driving,soon all the cars began to pullover by the side of the road even the 18 wheelers and the professionals pulled over but they kept on driving,by the time she realized they had passed the storm and where safe from harms way then her father told her to pull over and she did happily realizing they had passed the danger,so he told her come out of the car which she did and look behind to say what she saw at their back and she replied “the storm” but he told her to look again and tell him what she saw apart from the storm and she said “a bunch of cars” then he told her “you see those who stop in the storm out of fear that they would not make it only end up remaining in the storm,the best way to move away from the storm is to keep on moving

Hello everyone welcome to Life’s kaleidoscope blog once again where I talk about my journey through life and the various concepts and topics that come with it,I want it say thank you to all those that who visited last time thank you for all the reviews and likes,I really appreciated them,once again you are welcome and I hope your read today would be an amazing journey have a most blissful day.

Now i know you must be wondering why the short story at the beginning or its relation to today but stick around and you just might find out,today i would like us to talk about Atychiphobia,ever heard of the word before? I know I haven’t,well not until I sat down to write this post,atychiphobia is the fear of failing,the fear of making a mistake,you see sometimes we become scared of moving because of our past mistakes,we get scared of moving forward because we feel we are not good enough or we are incapable of handling the hurt from failing so we withdraw into our shells and live in our comfort zone. We are all built with a fight or flight personality and most times we end up living in the flight mode because we are scared of fighting and failing. Today I will be talking on the causes of our fear of failure or Atichyphobia,this fear that has ravaged across our minds and decisions.

The first one I would like to talk about is Past experiences: Raise your hand if you put your hand on a hot pot when it has already burnt you for putting your hand on it before,is there anyone? No right,well yeah no one likes to go back to an experience that cost you pain,we always enter a flight mode when we remember that one thing we did that brought us pain and we promise ourselves never to repeat it again even if an alternative end could bring us joy,we prefer to rather remain where we are than opt to try again and fail. I remember the first time I tried cooking rice and added so much water,we had rice pudding for lunch that day but if I didn’t continue cooking even though I knew I might fail I would never have been able to cook rice the way I can today, I know this might seem like a very trivial story(well its trivial until you cook rice pudding for your children,lol) but the fact is we can’t give up because it hurt, we have to keep fighting because that is who we are,loosing hurts yeah I know I’ve lost so many times if I dropped a penny anytime I lost I would be rich by now but you have to decide not to give up,if you never fight then you really can’t live because mistakes are meant to be made so you know the value of what you are fighting for,so anytime you think of your past remember that your past is there to show you how strong you are and how much you’ve been through to be where you are ,it is not a place to think of your losses but a place to show you just how much of a fighter you really are so keep on fighting because if you never fight then you would never win.

The second I’ll talk about is Extreme perfectionism, I know we’ve talked about perfectionism a bit last month but I think we need to dive into this subject just a little bit, perfectionism,the act of always wanting 100% or nothing else,it is a good habit striving for the best yeah its good you tend to be very efficient and the best actually but what happens when you can’t get the best that time would you stop or go further?,would you go further knowing it’s not perfect but it’s your best at that moment,extreme perfectionists tend to strive for the best always which makes them prone to stop doing things because they are not perfect and not up to their standard,perfectionist fear or hate failure and so cannot stand for it no matter what,they rather not do anything than do it and get it wrong, this could hinder them so much and stop them from doing things which could be productive in the future,a building foundation they say isn’t as beautiful as the end product which is the house,the foundation of a thing can never be as nice and good looking as the end. Ok take a look at some of the wealthiest persons in the world,most of them were poor,school dropouts,homeless etc you name is it,seeing them those times one could have easily evaluated them as not having a bright future but they turned out pretty good and today we celebrate and idolize them,we should learn to trust the process as far as we aren’t deviating from the path we are always going to reach our desired end no matter what,we just have to push further and further,yes we would get some wrong,yes we would cry sometimes but the important things we never stopped even if we crawled.

I also want to talk about Not being good enough,this is something I’ve heard so many times even from myself,evaluating ourselves not be better just because we failed at one thing or the other but you see that is life for you like my best friend always used to say we were born in our default states but it is our task to download all we need to be fully functional, anytime you feel you aren’t good enough,you make sure you learn to be better,any where you feel you are lacking ,you make sure you learn and become better,this is why personal development is very important, at every point in our lives we would always find people who are better than us,we would always discover places where we are lacking but that’s it no one is a know it all we should strive to learn new things and upgrade ourselves every day,self development is a very important aspect in our lives that shouldn’t be taken for granted,everyday is a lesson to be learnt so don’t stop living because you made a mistake,mistakes are there to be made and moved from.

But you can’t move from the fear of failing without acknowledging that you are scared,denial is always the first step to failure, knowledge they say is power the moment you realize your fear you know where to confront it and I know you would become a better,stronger person. Now I know that it’s easier said than done,there would always be a fear to try something new or to go after what you want yeah it’s hard but when you do it then you know just how victorious and strong you really are. I’ll end with my personal philosophy other things may fail you and stop you from achieving your goal but don’t ever let fear stop you from being who you really want to be. And that’s all for today,I hope this article would bring you hope even when you feel you have none,once again thank for reading today, I must say I’m glad to have you here,don’t forget to like and most importantly review,I hope to see you next post and if you have any other things to add you could leave it at the comment box,have a most amazing day. Photo credit:pexels

The theory of error

I was sitting on my desk starring through my window at the ugliest tree I had ever seen trying to figure out just what exactly would be the theme of this month,i thought of so many things trying to create an outline but they were all wrong i just couldn’t figure out how to get it right when it hit me and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today,you are definitely welcome to life’s kaleidoscope where we talk about the different ways of looking at life and its complements,once again you are most welcome.

Could you remember the first thing you ever did wrong,that one thing that others got right but you just didn’t seem to get,well I remember some and boy were they awful,I remember the first time I tried to sweep the house,what a mess that turned out to be,what about the first time I tried to cook and used almost half a bottle of oil or the first time I tried to help mum by cleaning my potty myself and ended up soiling our rugs with poop,our rugs smelt for almost a week,so yeah we’ve all made some pretty bad choices,it’s like a common trait for humans to do things wrong,to mess up sometimes it’s a common language we all speak called MISTAKES. I really can’t give you the history of mistakes but I can tell you it has been there since the days of the early men,man has always been known to goof sometimes, sometimes it seems goofing makes us human.

“A mistake is an error,a goof,a slip up,when you make a mistake you’ve done something incorrectly, mistakes have a lot of uses but they all have to do with doing the wrong thing “,this is the definition I got from it tells us a mistake is basically doing the wrong thing,performing that one action that turns out with a bad result. I came across a quote recently by Philip Knight it said “The trouble in America is not that we are making too many mistakes but that we are making too few”,he might have specified on America but i believe this applies to everyone,you see sometimes we let ourselves be hindered because we refuse to see the good part of making a mistake,’a mistake is doing the wrong thing’ I’ve heard,some even advise ‘try not to make a mistake’ but what if and I repeat what if all we need to learn from to be better is our mistakes,what if we actually learn from them,then we don’t have to worry about making that same mistake again,I bet you don’t draw a love sign whenever you draw the human heart anymore do you,you probably would have never known the true shape if you never tried and got it wrong,mistakes are made for corrections to follow,most times we grow up seeing all the mistakes people make and sometimes we promise ourselves not to make such but we end up doing those things we said we would never do,why?,the answer is pretty simple we always see mistakes and promise ourselves,”I would never make the mistake my dad made,I’ll never do what my mum did,I’ll never follow my family’s footsteps” but we fail to see that most times it’s harder to run away from something when we don’t know the reason we are running away,we make promises not to make mistakes and persecute those who make them instead of learning and understanding how and why they made those mistakes all these thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to figure out the best definition of a mistake but I finally came up with my own definition of mistakes,”A mistake is a lesson that shows us how far we are and how far we need to go to reach our desired end,it’s a standard to determine the level of our knowledge and skill”. Mistakes are meant to be made not feared,accept your mistakes but don’t dwell on them you rejecting your mistakes only makes it harder,make mistakes,learn from them and grow to be the wonderful person you were designed to be and with that said i introduce you to the theme of this month,”The art of making a mistake“,I hope you enjoy your read and have a most wonderful day,don’t forget to like,share and most importantly review,and if you feel an area wasn’t talked on please also leave your comments in the comments box and don’t forget next week there would be another episode of this theme,stay safe and have a most wonderful day. Photo credit:pixabay

Perfection from the house of DEEZAYA

Hello everyone,how y’all doing hope the week has been popping,ok ok let me move from my streets ascents,lol. I hope you guys had a wonderful week cos I know I did,even though not everything went as planned I could say I had a great week,made a few friends,cooked,ate,tried writing a poem and even finished a book I had been reading for sometime now so I guess I could say it was good.ok now I know you are wondering why I didn’t post any thing last week,well I’m still wondering myself let’s just say I’m still getting the hang on owning a blog.Now that that’s settled I’ll dive right into today’s post ,it would be quite different from others because I’ve decided to use the last Friday of every week to hold a discussion with someone who has an idea or two about the month’s topic and today being the premier of this innovation, I’m going to interview my best friend,oh now I know what you are thinking I didn’t choose her because she was my best friend even if it might have been a booster(blows whistlešŸ˜¶) but because i trust her knowledge and judgement of things and I believe she has a lot to say when it comes to the theme that’s why I’m interviewing her today and I hope we could all learn a thing or two from today,so without further explanation let’s give a round of applause to the CEO of the DEEZAYA brand and my very good friend Mubile Desire,from now onward I’ll be writing in a dialogue format so as to get the feel of this discussion.

Me:welcome ma’am
Miss Desire:thank you.

Me: So I’ve told them a few about you but could you introduce yourself to us,I guess you would do better at it.
Miss Desire:It’s an honour to be your guest and I specially want to thank the amazing founder of the alifeskaleidoscope for this opportunity. I am Mubile Desire by name. An undergraduate in food science and technology. I am the founder of the DEEZAYA brand, which is purposed at keeping the ladies hair defined. I’m ambiverted, a sucker for personal development and Entrepreneurship. I read or write when I’m bored. And something that cannot be taken out of my routine is good music. Creativity and Elegance are my favorite words, I hope you managed to get the picture.

Me:well I think they got it,once again welcome to Life’s kaleidoscope so I’ll just go right into it,as you know it this month we have been talking on the topic perfection,we’ve talked about it,I think to the best that we can but I want us to get a fresh look about the topic. We’ve talked about the meaning,the possibility and in a way the consequences but I want to hear from you also,what is perfection.

Miss Desire:Perfection for me is a journey, we shouldn’t see perfection as a destination. Talking of journey, my journey and your journey cannot be the same, so your definition of perfection shouldn’t be my definition of perfection,you do you and I do me. You might be perfect in your own eyes but to me you aren’t anywhere close to perfect. Popular definitions have it that perfection is a state that cannot be improved, although I beg to differ. I have lived my whole life as a perfectionist, and that has somehow had a positive and also a negative impact on my life.

Me:Ok ma’am I like that idea and that is why I knew we needed a fresh perspective on this particular topic seeing as it is one of the most controversial topics.
Miss Desire:Yes it is and we have let so many things define perfection for us. It’s one of the most important topics of this age.Let your standard of perfection not be culture, let it not be what somebody else thinks. Let it be designed according to your authenticity.

Me:Ok ma’am from your answer I understand and correct me if I’m mistaken that perfection is a personal thing and shouldn’t be evaluated on others.

Miss Desire:You are accurate

Me:Ok ma’am so I’ve heard a particular notion,popular actually,that a life lived perfect is bland and without spice some even go on to say its our imperfections that makes our lives interesting and exciting to live,do you feel this school of thought is accurate or are we been blinded by this thinking
Miss Desire:like I said perfection should not be defined by the standards of anything,it should be determined by what you want and accept,don’t allow me define perfection for you,if you allow me you would not be able to live up to that standardtl than I want and you may not enjoy your journey through it,both of us don’t have the same authenticity, perfection is a personal thing it could mean financial freedom to me,good health to you and happiness to another so that saying is wrong if you define your own perfection then your life would be the way you want it to be,it’s something you accepted,it’s something you love  you would absolutely enjoy your journey,some people say imperfections make our loves interesting,this is wrong,I’ve lived my life as a perfectionist, being a perfectionist is never easy because you might not be able to forgive yourself when you need to,perfection doesn’t mean you should be rigid and maybe when you fall you shouldn’t forgive yourself,no,you shouldn’t feel if it isn’t 100% then it’s ruled of,no,like I said perfection is a journey step by step,step by step so if you fall or make mistakes you should never feel your imperfections are greater than your perfections or your weakness are larger than your strengths at any time,you should always be grateful for how far you have gone,be content with the situation and move on,I’m saying this from a personal experience living my life as a perfectionist I got depressed easily because sometimes I couldn’t even live up to my standards so of course your life wouldn’t be spicy or interesting like you would want if you are going to live on a 100%,you should give permissions and make room for mistakes,make room for forgiving yourself,make room for flaws. I hope I’m being understood?.

Me:Nice nice nice that’s a very nice answer ma and from that we could learn that you don’t have to spice your life by being imperfect like our speaker rightly said perfection is a journey and not a destination a journey is always exciting,our journey to perfection could be as exciting as possible we shouldn’t sit back and wallow in our imperfections saying that’s what make our lives spicier in fact they make our lives harder thank you ma’am for this answer I know it would surely change our perception.
Miss Desire:you are very welcome.

Me:Earlier you said perfection has both a positive and negative impact on your life could you please tell us the positive and negative impacts and if we could keep a stable balance.
Miss Desire:ok I would explain what I meant,it had a positive impact in my life,you know when you’ve defined your perfection standard and you are living by it,there is this confidence it gives you and admiration other people give you,it’s fascinating and nice but let me focus more on the negative impacts I guess you understand the positive impact so for the negative impact,when I approach a situation and I know It’s not going to be perfect and I know I wouldn’t be able to do it perfectly right then and reach my standard of perfection I don’t do it or when I do something and it doesn’t meet my own standard or expectation I get depressed, I find it hard to forgive myself.The balance between the negative and positive impacts is knowledge and forgiveness, when you don’t meet your own expectations or standard be able to forgive yourself and know perfectionism is a journey always remember that it is not a destination it doesn’t end at a particular thing you are doing,I worked with the principle of I must be effective and efficient but you know in life we can’t really dictate what happens to us so some times some situations would require us to be effective and efficient,you just need to try,just attempt it even if it doesn’t meet your standard and then feel good about your attempt.In my life there were times when I was so depressed because I didn’t meet my own expectations, the balance is knowledge learning to forgive yourself,learning to move on,learning to be effective.

Me:Wow wow wow nice one,you’ve introduced something we should really look into which is knowledge,know yourself,forgive your self Dont dwell on mistakes and stand anytime you feel you have fallen into imperfection I must say ma’am we’ve really learnt a lot from you today and I believe we’ve had a reset of our minds I believe we would go into this topic again as it is a broad one but for now do you have any other thing to add to what has been said today.

Miss Desire:I’ll like to end by saying we are different and wired differently so our needs and wants so don’t try to cope someone else’s standard try to be authentic remember ,perfection is a journey ,its not about who would be in the lead,its a journey so take your time and do you perfectly.

Me:thank you ma’am for this most enlightening and wonderful talk I must say I was really transformed and I know the readers would be too ok guys there you have it ,we’ve come to the end of today and I know I know we’ve all been transformed one way or the other once again let’s give a huge round of applause and likes to Miss Mubile Desire ,thank you ma’am and we look forward to having you again.

Thank you all for taking your time to read today’s post don’t forget to like and most importantly review and please if you have any question for miss Desire or you feel there was an area that has not been talked about relating to the theme please type it in the comment box I’ll also be dropping Miss Desire’s brand contact details for those who would like to contact her,have a great day.

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