Mr Who???

In all my years of existence I had never met anyone so strange but all too familiar. I met a man one day,was he male or female? I don’t even know he had no gesture,no language,some even said he spoke all languages, he was neither tall nor short,he wasn’t fat and he wasn’t slim don’t even call him plumb because he was not,he had no passion in his eyes, no reason in his voice, he did not care for anyone not even himself only one thing was distinct about him, it was his smell that smell had pushed people to their graves, it had made wives leave their husbands, youths with bright future end their lives that single smell had even made people loss what they hold dear the most now don’t say he was love because i know he wasn’t he had no burning passion in his eyes,don’t say he was hope because he stumbled with a little trial, don’t say he was passion he had no desire in his voice his heart beat in no direction. I finally realized who I had met, he was fear so at long last l finally met fear. This man had destroyed more than you could ever imagine I had no reason not to destroy him at that very spot he stood but could I? how could I kill something that had existed for so long did I have the right tools to destroy him or was I the right person to do that? “Do you know me?” was all he could alter,oh but I knew him alright he was that light you never find at the end of your tunnel ,he was that look a mother had sitting at the bed side of her six year old bedridden son, he was that pain that never stopped stroking the heart of that student,he was that hope that Stanley never seemed to have when he started his life,he was that joy that eluded Ada immediately she stood for what she wanted oh I knew who he was, he was Mr Fear. But how was I to destroy him I had neither a sword or even a spade not even a single bullet to my name but all I needed was all I looked down on, my mind it was my greatest weapon that never announced himself after I tried all I had to defeat him then i realised what a gift I had inside me ,my mind fought well and won the battle all it took was my believe in myself “I can do it ,i can do it” was all I needed to say and believe for him to disappear forever. I finally found fear’s weakness belief I just had to believe in myself and work hard towards what i wanted, that was it.